Can we please get the uniforms right?

I know I am anal on this point, but in the business world, you dress to impress.

I love they are putting the new commits in retro unis. But, lets get the helmets right. Yes we had that version. But during the Ross days, and was the ...not sure of the term...straightified stripes down the middle. Like the former Redskins. White, red, black, red white."Terps" on the helmet.

Stay with the retro unis. Unless we want to go full 70s look, when people would mistake us for Missouri.

I know it may make hell for the equip managers, but image makes a difference. Ask any manager who asks their employees (since we are now there in college sports) to wear black shoes. I mean, Fridge saw it and just reversed the colors.

Dress to impress.

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