Maryland basketball thread

I know it's already threads on Maryland basketball and I don't care what is discuss on this one but I was just thinking that if you had to put a 9 man roster together using only players who played for Turgeon, what would be your team? I chose 9 basically because that is a rotation where in which you could basically play all 9 guys at least 20 mins a piece. My 9 man team would be Melo, Huerter, Dez, Wiggins, Jackson, Layman, Stix and Bruno. For the ninth guy I considered several but ultimately decided to go with Morsell because of his defense of intensity. I know others would probably pick another PG while others probably would go with another big. I figure Huerter is good enough to get some mins at point and Jackson had enough size with his long arms to play in the paint. Shoot even Layman at least had the height.

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