Eric Musselman currently has the # 2 recruiting class of 2022

.............and in Musselman's class only 3 of the 6 kids are from the state of Arkansas. Bringing in 2 top 20 kids from outside the state.

Matt McMahon was hired the same week Kevin was hired to lead LSU. LSU now has the 16th Recruiting Class with Tyrell Ward from a school u may have heard of (dematha) , who happens to be a top 35 kid.

McMahon has built a 4 player class. All from outside the state.

Maryland is on the fringes of currently having a top 100 class. Willard is taking over a team that was clearly in dire need of an influx of talent, and that was with Fatts, Q and Ayala.

Still very early in the game, but this is what it looks like when you have a team that is fighting to stay out of the bottom of the Big Ten.

How he didn't walk into Grad Transfer kids' living rooms and say we have 4, perhaps even 5 spots that are wide open. I want you to start and play all the minutes your conditioning will allow for an elite program in an Elite conference and thus bring in among the best G Transfer coupe's in the nation.

Instead we have 2 kids who's teams can hardly have a worse win loss without them.

Would this team be better than what we have?






probably not, but you add Steve Hood and Moses Malone to that team and i'll take the team of Terp transfers over what we are currently looking at.

Between this hire and giving Locks 2 more years after his lousy off season, you have to hope Evans pours himself a strong one and finds his keys.

It's Happy Hour anytime!!!!

Hope u guys have a good weekend. Perhaps Kevin will bring in a kid that would actually start for a winning B10 team! I am sorry to be so negative. I just can't see the start to his time here any other way. Love to hear something to give me more hope.

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