NIL Continues to Change

We are moving backwards by the day with inaction.
Agents, Collectives, State legislation.
The NIL dollar range is being set nationally for athletes by the NIL market.

The 8 Million Dollar Man

Just this one guy's influence, the $8 mil NIL contract author.
He's is a big player in what's happening in NIL.

From article below
"I have most of the five stars and most of the four stars in this country," Caspino said. "I’m well over 100 kids. Easily. I have a spreadsheet to keep up with it."
This will have an effect on our 2023 class and out.

The role of the agent in the NIL arena has been pretty much ignored by most.
Not many articles even reference to the agent or legal counsel.


Specifically a school-specific collective is made up of fans and alumni, and are run independently of the school with which they are affiliated. They work by pooling funds from a wide swath of donors and businesses to create NIL activities for a school’s student-athletes.

And we don't even have a Collective and just excuses why we aren't playing yet.
Don't confuse the one connected to us that's raised a whopping $160 from family members.

Legislation, Maryland was fine originally but not now.

The NIL changes started with two big things, the court ruling against the NCAA and state legislation that took off faster than the NCAA expected.
Well the number of states that have already added legislation allowing Coaching Staffs and Boosters to be involved with athlete specifically is rising. Let the NCAA explain their poor enforcement position to the courts against that.

Quote from article on legislation
"The U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the Alston v. NCAA case further strengthened Caspino’s belief in student-athlete rights. It was a ruling that signaled to the NCAA that it would be vulnerable to legal action if it greatly interfered with NIL activities."

later in article
All of this is why Caspino recently told The Athletic, "The moment they come to try to interfere with one of my clients’ deals – the next day is the moment they get hit with an antitrust lawsuit."

Schools pointing at other schools is just a distraction.
If the Revenue Sharing legislation has the same effect and speed of implementation, and we continue to be in denial (and not the river in Egypt), we maybe decades catching up.

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