BASKETBALL Thread Reboot

Checked several times a day by the Mguauas, any Terp Hoops news that hits the twittersphere gets put here. This is where you want to be for current info. Post it if you find it first.


It's good. Shit could start popping and recruits could be flooding in at any moment. I think we still have 5 scholarships to fill, yes? Let's see what The Willard has up his sleeve.

There are still about 1600 guys in the portal and they have been pouring in by the dozens... dudes who shoot 7% from 3, score 1.2 points per game and/or 50% free throws. It's weird, but tomorrow midnight (may1) is the deadline to enter.

On my end, I mostly just put up twitter terpness and future recruiting news. I don't know how many words I have to type to make the word count. Currently 139. I don't feel like typing anymore. Perfect. I50 is the limit. Terp on.

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