Frank Reich

I know it will never happen, but it might be fun to talk about. Any chance Lox reaches out to Reich to be one of those 'non-paid' assistants. Like Saban does down in 'Bama?

Again, I know this is a day dream for any number of reasons including:

  1. We don't have the cache' "bama does so no one would want to come here an work for free.
  2. Reich doesn't need to 'rehab his image' .. I think nomst of the guys that go to work for Saban need some sort of 'damamge control'
  3. I'm not sure Lox is secure enough to bring him on board, since Reich was at least 'in the running' for the HC job when Lox got it.
  4. I suspect Recih is ready for some time off to relax and do the family thing

But all that aside, Reich was know as the "Quarterbak Whisperer" and I'd love to see him come back to Maryland to help out.

Since I didn't hit the powerball, I guess I'll settle for this dream :-)

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