What team would you like to play in a bowl game?

Thanks a lot for the great response to the bowl game question. I learned a lot and of course loved the "talkin' anything terp" vibe. The posts ,especially the one that went into great detail was amazing! Can't do that much up here no PSU land. I admit I don't follow other college football teams other than the Terps in regards to strength of schedule ,if they are trending up or down ( someone mentioned South Carolin^^), historic games of yore ( Oklahoma), etc. So using the tie in bowls that the B10 Conference has and all the permutations of an opposing team, who would you like to face and why?? I personally would love to have a game against a team that is a win, ie not someone we are supposed to beat. I did like the smack down of VTech last year however. So what are your opinions,I really would like to hear: As stated I do not get to hear much Terp talk here and your opinions will deepen my appreciation for who we might play. Thanks!

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