How lucky are we that Willard is such a HR? The guy literally couldn’t do any better than he has done aside from the aforementioned lack of front court on this squad. And even that, I have learned here from some of you, is mostly on the prior staff and Willard’s future thinking approach to team building. . . .which I’m sure we all love. You know, watching a guy like Ian, Ju, Donta and most of all Hakeem Hart improve each off season. Something that can’t be a higher statement of ones’ character, IQ, as well as effort.

There wasn’t a court from Essex CC to Towson State to John’s Hopkins that ole McHale didn’t sneak in from 1986 – 2004…..that took a certain effort. I digress…

I do recognize that we are going to be exposed frequently in the B10 with our lack of depth in the front court. But if you aren’t jazzed about the state of affairs for our Maryland Terrapins, you are sleeping thru one hell of a party.

We are also lucky to be watching Ian Martinez turn into an NBA player. The kid is just so talented and as driven to improve and play hard as u will see. He will be one of the better on ball defenders in the conference and if he can turn some turnovers into eye bending and confidence building moments I don’t think it’s to late for Ian to make a run at 6th man of the year in the B10. He certainly will get the minutes if he can control his penchant for giving the other team the ball.

Anyone want to update their predictions?

I’d be a fool to say I still think they won’t dance…..thou, I don’t see a top 30 team either. Perhaps it’s a case of "anchoring" my earlier prediction, I just feel like we are gonna need a lot of tough rebounding from all 5 of our starters. Is that likely?

Likelihood of Juju being a Terp next year?

Donta Scott , over under 35 % (three pt shooting)?

Is Carey gonna be a top B10 guard or will Ian Martinez end up playing more than he? And how will shooters like Don and HH do when they step into conference play? Carey has been so inconsistent already, I don’t think he get worse… HH I’d worry about, but if you look at his shooting in conference VS out of conference last season it did not dip. . . and I have always been a big supporter of HH the shooter. I think HH is a bit timid on the court, but that won’t impact the young man’s shooting. HH will lead the Terps in three pt. shooting % and be on the short list of best shooters in the conference.

Louisville must have talent….they always do…..That said, down there we won’t be napping. Terps 84 Louisville 79

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