2023 Maryland Football Recruiting Thread 9.2

NOTE 1 - I have to make updates to this, please call out needed updates in the comments and I'll make them.

| National Rank: 46|

|Big-Ten Rank: 10

^^ We lowered nationally 2 spots, jumped up to 9th from 13th in the B1G, added 5 more commits, and our average rating went down from 0.8496 to 0.8555 but we know Ezekiel Avit is going to get a Composite that'll raise that.


**Robert Long (St. Peter's Prep, NJ) 3 star (.8542)


**Nolan Ray (Brother Rice, MI) 3 star (.8478)

Peyton Jones (Maury, VA) 3 star (.8577)

Joquez Smith (Jesuit, FL) 3 star (.8366)

Devin Roche (Dunbar, MD) UR


**Ryan Manning (St. Frances, MD) 3 star (.8608)

**Sean Williams (St. Johns, DC) 3 star (.8544)

**Derrick Rogers (Jones, FL) 3 star (.8500)

**Josh Richards (East Orange Campus, NJ) 3 star (.8492)

Tyler Stewart (St. Frances, MD) UR

Kalen Cobb (Dematha, MD) UR


**Dylan Wade (Jones, FL) 3 star (.8600)


Oluwatosin Babalade (DeMatha, MD) 3 star (.8729)

Deandre Duffus (Chaminade-Madonna Prep) 3 star (.8419)

Kahari Finley (St. Frances, MD) UR

Anwar O'Neal (Middletown, DE) UR

Tajh Boyd (Oscar Smith, VA) UR


**Tamarus Walker (McDonough, MD) 3 star (.8366)

Wallace Ogapo (Jarupa Hills, CA) UR

Chris Moreno (Don Bosco Prep, NJ) UR


Jason Moore (Dematha, MD) 4 star (.9783)

Dashawn Womack (St. Frances, MD) 4 star (.9295)

Eric Gardner Jr. (Archbishop Wood, PA) 3 star (.8577)

Stephen Johnson (Whitewater, GA) UR


* Dillan Fontus (Brooklyn, NY) 3 star (.8658)

* DJ Samuels (Oradell, NJ) 3 star (.8644

Dylan Gooden (Good Counsel, MD) 4 star (.9328)

Neeo Avery (Good Counsel, MD) 4 star (.9203)

Rico Walker (Hickory, NC) 4 star (.9270)

Joseph Mupoyi (Archbishop Carroll, MD) 3 star (.8466)


Tony Rojas (Fairfax, VA) 4 star (.9145)

Amare Campbell (Unity Reed, VA) UR

Tyrese Whitaker (Northeast, PA) UR

Daniel Wingatee (Pallotti, MD) UR


** Kevis Thomas (Valdosta, GA) 3+ star (.8744)

**Jonathan Akins (Madison, FL) 3 star (.8406)

Antonio Cotman Jr. (Life Christian, VA) 3 star (.8850)

Collin Gill (St. Johns, DC) 3 star (.8366)


Zahbari Sandy (St. Johns, DC) 3 star (.8789)

Christian Garrett (St. Frances, MD) UR


* Braeden Wisloski Southern Columbia Area HS (Catawissa, PA) 3 star (.8608)

Nyckoles Harbor (Archbishop Carroll, DC) 5 star (.9956)

Cameron Seldon (Northumberland, VA) 4 star (.9514)


* Denotes signed commit

** Denotes committed recruit

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