Who's winning the PORTAL in the BIG?

I'll begin by saying the portal can be a difference maker but I'll defer on who's winning until next season is over. I think we can agree by all indications that MI-ST WON the portal this season and that is based on their improvement and W/L record. I will make some general observations and show the number of players leaving vs. coming in to date. The main reason players leave is for playing time but other factors can play into a decision- a better program with a history of winning, a bad relationship with coaches, not the right fit (program), injuries and how that was handled, but most of all players want to play and if they're NOT then its time to move on. Here is how each team has fared thus far.

MD 15 out 2 in... not incl. 2 not listed but mentioned as leaving Ellis & Gregory. As a side note MD had 20 out 4 in last yr. That's 37 players leaving in 2 years and w/o looking that may be the most of any BIG team during the last 2 years. But the winner will likely be the team that brings in the best players filling the holes that are needed the most.

IL 5 out 2 in

IN 18 out 7 in

IA 4 out 1 in

MI 4 out 1 in

MIST 16 out 4 in

MN 13 out 3 in

NE 7 out 3 in

NW 7 out 1 in

OHST 10 out 1 in

PNST 5 out 1 in

PUD 12 out 7 in

RU 9 out 0 in

WI 10 out 2 in

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