Reaction to Chris Mack and Louisville parting ways vs Mark Turgeon and Maryland

I've never made a fanpost, but I want to discuss the early reaction to Chris Mack and Louisville parting ways and how it compares to the media reaction surrounding Mark Turgeon's departure.

The early media response to Chris Mack and Louisville parting ways feels very different than the media reaction surrounding Turgeon's departure. And I know there are rumblings of NCAA misconduct, but I think we all know this wouldn't be happening if Louisville was winning games. Heres what Mack had to say surrounding his departure:

"It's a hard place," Mack told reporters Wednesday. "You've gotta win games."


The relationship between Mack and the fan base had also deteriorated, dating to last March when the Cardinals fell short of the NCAA tournament.

"I love 'em. I love 'em," Mack said Wednesday. "They want to win. S---, I do too. I ain't bitter at all. I got my family, I got a great life. I'm good."

The fans at Louisville have been frustrated, feeling Mack's tenure has been mediocre the last couple years. Following their loss to Notre Dame, the team was booed off the floor:

And at the end of the game, fans let the team know their displeasure with how the game - and the season up to this point - unfolded. The players and coaches walked off the court to a chorus of boos from the 16,175 in attendance.

It wasn't the first time the boo birds have made an appearance this season. In Louisville's previous home game against NC State - one that resulted in a 79-63 thrashing - a much less audible version broke through as the game ended.

Here's what Mark Few had to say following Turgeon's departure:

"Literally that fanbase just made it so miserable that it wasn’t worth it anymore," Few said. He continued, "I don’t believe a college team should ever be booed. I’m sorry, not at home."

Where is Few now? Louisville has been booed off the court in multiple games, and at home, no less!

General media reaction to Turgeon's departure ranged from surprise (understandable given the timing) to outrage. Doug Gottlieb called it "a joke of a decision." Jay Bilas was "surprised" and called Turgeon "an outstanding coach that should get grabbed up by someone else." In comparison, Gottlieb said he expected Mack would "very likely be fired" while on air on Fox, and didn't seem particularly outraged by it. Haven't seen any public statements from Bilas.

Here's what Dick Vitale said following Turgeon's departure:

I have been around the game as a COACH &@espn hoops analyst for over 6 decades & I can tell u flat out MARK TURGEON is a VERY GOOD COACH ! MARK deserved better treatment from the fan base .⁦⁦@TerrapinHoops
⁩ So SAD how they responded to him.

What did Dickie V have to say following Mack's departure?

Sometimes a divorce is good for both parties. @CoachChrisMack can coach his record proves that.However when at an elite hoops school like @LouisvilleMBB your TEAM must excel .Mediocrity is not going to make it ⁩& CARDS became M-E-D-I-O-C-R-E!

Chris Mack at Louisville: 68-37 (.648) 38-23 ACC (.623)

Mark Turgeon at MD: 226-116 (.661) 82-50 B1G (.621) 23-29 ACC (.442)

So Louisville shouldn't accept mediocrity, and their fan reaction to it is justified. But Maryland should accept mediocrity and fans should ride or die with Mark Turgeon?

What's the deal here? Is Mark Turgeon just universally loved in the CBB world? Is Chris Mack hated? Is this because Chris Mack took responsibility for his shortcomings at UL, while Turgeon typically didn't? Is Louisville perceived as a better program (spoiler alert: it probably is) so their fans are allowed to boo and object to mediocrity but Maryland fans aren't? I get that Maryland definitely has some obnoxious, over the top fans. Most other programs, including Louisville, have some too. So why all the outrage at Maryland deciding mediocrity wasn't good enough, but Louisville is justified?

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