Terps Football Recap 2021

The Terps have finally had a winning season!!

  • We finished 7-6.
  • We played 10 bowl bound teams this season...scoring an average of 26.1 points a game against them.
  • We finished 4-6 vs those bowl teams.
  • We finished 4-3 @ home.
  • We finished 2-3 away.
  • We finished 4-0 outside of league play.
  • We finished 3-6 in Big 10 play.
  • We scored 382 points average of 29.3 points scored per game overall.
  • We allowed 399 points average of 30.6 points allowed per game overall.
  • We scored 198 points in Big 10 average of 22 points scored per game.
  • We allowed 349 points in Big 10 average of 38 points allowed per game.
  • We scored 281 points in the 7x victories...with an average of 40 points per game.
  • We scored 100 points in the 6x losses...with an average of 16.5 points per game. In those 6x games we allowed 281 average of 46 points allowed in those 6x games.
  • We ended the season on a 2x game winning streak scoring 47 points a game and allowing 13 points a game.
The last two games felt like we turned a corner. Improving talent, balancing the roster and developing the talent as priorities identified by Lox is proving to be fruitful.

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