Lane Kiffin and discipline.....

...just one play explained why he is so successful.

Ole Miss is blowing out Tulane tonight. I really was hoping to find a good movie after fPSU and Auburn, and stumbled on this. But i stumbled on Ole Miss and Tulane....less than a min before halftime. Around their own 40 or so, Ole Miss hit his WR in stride with about 4 secs left. He was WIDE Open, and space. There was not even a Tulane player on screen, and he immediately kneeled to get the TO called for the FG attempt. They missed....but boy, that is true discipline. Up I think it was 40-21......he had space to run...a LOT. But he did not hesitate. he caught, and kneeled, so they could try the FG attempt.

THAT is pure discipline.

I dont know how he does it, but that single play tells me, Lane somehow gets it through to his players. He can recruit, and gets kids to buy into his system, and are very disciplined. I mean, this was 2 minute drill. You would have thought anyone else...would try to get extra yards, but then time would run out. I mean, this was not espn highlights...I caught it real time. Little details like that though.

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