A MODest Proposal

I think most here would agree that this is by and large a good community to discuss all things Terps. Sadly, it is often beleaguered by one or two trolls operating under a myriad of names. I won’t name them here, but we all know who they are. They are insufferable. They do not seek to contribute anything of value to this board and seem to get off on trying to ruin this place. They are trolls.

The forum rules allow for these trolls to get suspended or even banned from this site. The previous regime used the ban hammer from time to time, although they came back under new monikers.

I propose a simple two part solution to help this board and keep it clear of those who only seek to harm it.

1. Actually moderate the board - This seems pretty simple, but it appears that all moderation of this board has been thrown to the wayside. To those who would scream "free speech", (1) doesn’t apply to private space and (2) jackasses are kept out of many a different forum.

2. Establish a probationary period for new members - I do not mean to limit comments from new members. I think the customary sbnation 24 hours till you can comment rule is appropriate. I mean a month to six month period where new users may be suspended or banned more readily for acting like a troll. This would address the sad folks that have created new profile after new profile just to be obnoxious on this board.

Alternatively, users can either ignore or insult these developmentally disabled shitheels until they completely poison this board.

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