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Pavlo Dziuba was one of the youngest players in D 1 last season. He has nice athleticism and a nice ability to get his shot off in different ways

As a fan you hope he knows the name Jerome Lane, who in 1990 averaged over 9 rebounds a game for the Nuggets in 22 minutes a game, all at 6’6!

Of course Pav is not that driven, but he does have a similar body and skill set…in other words, if Dziuba wants to start for MD he will need to rebound with Lane’s intensity and not with the aggression he didn’t show in limited run at AZ st. last year……Another name I might compare Pav to would be Franz Wagner of Michigan. Unfortunately he appears more like Wagner on O than on D…..and of course it’s the DEFENSE that made Franz an NBA sought after player.

Pav seems to play with positive instincts and does work hard. In today’s game , like it or not, if Pav is going to help this Terp team it will be as a 4/5. With enough heart he absolutely can guard centers in the B10. He’ll be towered over, but Pav does have a very sterty frame…..and frankly seems to lack the quickness to stay with 3’s, so he has little choice but to man up.

I do like Pav’s upside/ future….He could flower into a starter with his unique combination of tools, but again, it will be as a 4/5 or it will not happen at a program as elite as MD’s.

With the ball he does see the court….nice pull up J….will drive thru traffic…smart kid….boxes out….. As much as I’m sure fans of college basketball will wonder how Utah didn’t utilize Ian more, I’m nearly as convinced Hurley will be questioned for using Dziuba as little as he did, even with the trying circumstances he faced ly

Ton of unknowns with Pavlo, I am guessing he will battle Reese to be the first 4/5 off the bench……His Fr season was such a mess of injury and missed games, it's hardly worth posting his #'s....


8 4.1 100.0 0.0 50.0 0.3 0.0 0.1 0.0 0.8 0.4 0.4

. Hakeem Hart is the definition of long. He does use that asset of long arms to jab at the ball….. He will box out a bit, but he has a mentally that says; "I am a guard. I don’t belong down there". It’s the common mindset……but Hakeem is slow footed and lacks spring. So for him to be a B10 starter he will need to be an asset in other ways. A better Rebounding effort would be one of those ways…..he already gives that ideal effort on D. BUT , his already mentioned lower body anchors make him merely an average defender with only so much upside.

The BIG question with H2 is the shot. I am convinced he is an elite shooter, he just isn’t in games. What is even more troubling is how many nice/open looks he misses.

Hakeem has improved about as impressively as a fan could hope…..of course I’d like to see him embrace weight lifting and rebounding, but that seems unlikely. So I think by mid season he’ll lose the playing time battle to Ian Martinez. Which will just make Hakim a better player down the line and I’d assume a more aggressive player in the now.

His future will be found over seas, and they too will want to see this 6’6, long limbed player rebound like a 4, shoot and handle like a guard.. . .. . So probably when he turns 30 it will dawn on him that he is an adult like the other guys on the court, and if he wants to win the game, grabbing the ball is something everyone should strive to do.

Hakeem had a nice 2-1 AST, TO ratio and a reasonable 3.5 rebounds a game in 25 minutes played.

. He loves to shoot bombs, but only shot 33 % from three…..Even if Wiggins leaves as I expect, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hakeem be the Terp who really loses playing time.


2021 31 25.5 45.2 33.0 76.0 3.5 1.9 0.2 0.8 1.5 0.9 7.1

2020 18 6.2 22.2 14.8 66.7 0.6 0.5 .0 .0 .6 0.2 1.6

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