This could be interesting........Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC discussing formation of alliance that SEC is super conference, could a scheduling deal between the Final Four (I do think the Big 12 is done) counter balance the SEC expansion?

Would be fantasy.....but what if the agreement...aka silent agreement, would be to pick up some Big12 leftovers, and not schedule any SEC teams aside from existing OOC rivalries that already exist. A sort of secret protocol like the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

Fantasy for sure. But would be funny. Each PaC, BiG, ACC team, having to play a school from each others conference each year, but in the protocol, no one from the SEC. Let the SEC be their own League.

Few details, so who knows what is going on, or if anything really happens. But gives some very many interesting possibilities.

Your thoughts.

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