Maryland Basketball 2022 Recruiting Thread 7.0

Class of 2022|NATL Rank:?|B1G Rank: ?|Commits:0|Avg. Rating: N/A| Open Scholarships: 3


JJ Starling (La Lumiere, NY) 6-2, 170lbs, 4 star/38 NATL (.9851)

Rowan Brumbaugh (Northfield Mount Hebron, DC) 6-4, 180lbs 3 star/175 NATL (.9001)

Desmond Claude (St. Thomas More, CT) UR


Jeffery Brazziel (Martin Luther, WI) 6-5, 170lbs, 3 star/159 NATL (.9060)

Jack Rose (Central, WI) 6-4, 165lbs, UR


Will Richardson (Bergen Catholic, NJ) 6-2, 160lbs, 4 star/116 NATL (.9358)

Donald Hand (Landstown, VA) 6-5, 180lbs 4-star/117 NATL (.9353)


Aidan Shaw (Blue Valley, KS) 6-8, 190lbs 4 star/51 NATL (.9780)

Cam Whitmore (Archbishop Spalding, MD) 6-6 200lbs 4-star/55 NATL (.9775)

Chris Bunch (De La Salle, CA) 6-7, 185lbs 4 star/106 NATL (.9423)

Steven Clay (Menomonee Falls, WI) 6-4, 165lbs 3-star/234 NATL (.8677)


Christ Essandoko (Winston-Salem Prep, FR) 6-11, 260lbs UR

Reed Bailey (Brewster, NH) 6-9, 190lbs UR


Favour Aire (Bishop McNamara, MD) 6-11, 215lbs 4-star/81 NATL (.9578)

*Denotes signed commit

**Denotes hard commit

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