MD. BASKETBALL a look @ Donta Scott

Donta Scott

Frankly there is little Donta can’t do. Blocks shots. Great catch and shoot out to 24 feet. Can take a guy to the woodshed and finish with either hand with a variety of moves. Work a guy in off the dribble and use a quick bounce to get off a jump hook or quick release jumper.

Can use both hands to drive but prefers to go right. Donta was among the leading 3 pt shooters in the conference through much of the season.

When you consider DS did play a season of Point guard in HS, the fact he played center for long stretches during the second half of last season, as we became reliant on the small lineups, speaks to how much talent Donta has.

Donta Scott grew up angry. It has been noted he didn’t mesh with other kids and struggled in the classroom. He has evolved into a great guy, well-liked by teammates.

Donta is always going to go hard, and has noted all of his teammates have that in them, we just have to bring it out in them.

The bad:: Donta was inconsistent to close the season. Scott only had 9 rebounds in the last 5 games (as Maryland was completely out manned in those painful last 5 games). His lack of physical play also showed, in Scott only getting 7 FTA’s in that run of games.

Were the Terps and Donta just exhausted after a long season?

That, I’ve been told is one of the reasons Scott is in better condition today. He is aware his played dipped at crucial times last season…...and ~ as of a month ago ~ Scott was in the best shape of his life.

At Imhotep Charter, Scott started on three state title-winning teams. Imhotep snapped Montverde Academy’s 55-game home winning streak in a tournament final. Scott, a sophomore, was the game MVP. So there is reason to think of DS as just a guy who wins. This will be the season where it’s time for Donta to insist on better play from mates….we shall see if he takes on the role, & how good he does with that role.

I feel in general, MD hasn’t had an Elite team leader since. . . . . .well I don’ t feel like Mark has ever had a guy in the class of Blake/Dixon. Course few teams have….but the dream would be for Donta to have a significantly untapped fire in him that will get a better , more consistent effort from the Terps.

It has been noted Scott desperately wanted to please his past coaches, not fixated on scoring. Instead embacing thru an advanced understanding of all the ways he could affect a game — rebounding, passing, toughness. He grew up telling people he enjoyed defense, and in high school, he loved blocking shots. This is a skill that is truly eye popping. Off the ball Donta Scott has had some of the best blocked shots that we have seen in the B10 in his epoch.

I was unable to find any 20-21 highlights for our guy......i am sorry for that, but these FR highlights do show a lot of his strengths.

Alright , thanks for reading.....

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