Doom & Gloomers

They come out every year and especially after every game that Maryland does not win or beat the daylights out of the underdog. It is really telling when a poster always picks apart their supposed team and the coach. Even McDonalds All Americans Lose. Is it the players or the coach? I remember seeing Kentucky with, the great John Calipaya, lose lots of games last year with how many ALL AMERICANS? Players don't all have great games every time out. We won this game because Turgeon forced his players to focus and regroup. We have talent, but on paper there are a lot of teams with more. We also have a team that could go all the way. There is a lot to be said for adhesiveness and this team has a lot of new parts that need to learn to play together. It is potentially a very deep team with athleticism and length at every position. OK, Fats does not have length, just speed. Reese, Graham, Martinez, Green, and Dockery can provide more than an adequate bench and there are more perhaps Cornish or Dzuiba?

There is a lot to like about this team and yes there are some formidable opponents out there. Just enjoy the ride and be HAPPY!

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