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No. 4 Maryland field hockey’s Belle Bressler and the story behind her gameday superstitions

The midfielder with deep family ties to the program wears the headband during every game.

Courtesy of Maryland Athletics
Zach Bland, UMTerps

As fans fill the Field Hockey and Lacrosse Complex in College Park, they see plenty of black and red uniforms worn by some of the most talented athletes in the country that play for the No. 4 ranked Maryland Terrapins.

However, the player donning the No. 10 jersey stands out as she sprints onto the field with a unique accessory — a signature highlighter yellow headband holding back her silky smooth dark-brown hair.

The vibrant headband is very noticeable and it happens to hold sentimental value to junior midfielder Belle Bressler.

“I am extremely superstitious,” Bressler said. “I have had some of my best moments wearing this headband and it has become a significant part of my game days.”

The Leesport, Pennsylvania native has been a quiet contributor for the Terps over her three years at Maryland. In the 45 games she’s played at the collegiate level, she’s started in nine and has notched two goals and two assists.

One scorching hot day in September, Maryland welcomed the California Golden Bears to College Park for a Sunday afternoon matchup.

With three minutes remaining in the first quarter, midfielder Kyler Greenwalt delivered a pass to Bressler who caught the ball on her stick and immediately fired it into the cage, over the goalie’s stick as she recorded her first career goal.

As Bressler celebrated the milestone, she leapt into senior midfielder/forward Taylor Mason’s arms with her electric yellow headband bouncing up and down as she jumped around.

Within Bressler’s playing style, it is evident that she has a love for the game that has been developing since she was a child.

“Honestly, I have had a stick in my hand since I was born and this sport has given me life changing experiences and I found a love for playing it at a really young age,” Bressler said.

In addition to the signature headband, Bressler has another accessory she wears at every game that holds a special place in her heart.

During the games, Bressler can be found wearing a purple bracelet to honor her grandmother who passed away when she was 10.

“I know she would be proud of me and loved Maryland field hockey.” Bressler said.

Bressler’s grandmother has two daughters who played at Maryland for head coach Missy Meharg, Katie and Molly Kauffman. When it came time to make a decision of where to play for her collegiate career, coming to College Park to play for Meharg was on her radar for as long as she could remember due to the deep family ties with the program.

“Any player coming to Maryland is skillful and a good athlete, but once under the care of Missy, we become our best on and off the field,” Bressler said.