Do you all see my frustration with locksley?

I have been away for a while but I want to know what the hardcore locksley people think about tonight.

in some ways I’ve been satisfied. I’ve said 5-7 is my threshold for success on average and we already have 4 wins although if we play like we did tonight we won’t win another.

On the flip tho the first good team we play we get embarrassed. Taulia, still, TFD, the whole d line all exposed.

undisciplined play. Tons of penalties and a finau cheap shot. Totally out schemed by Iowa.

These letdowns. The lack of defense. The penalties the turnovers the lack of attention to detail. This is mike locksley to me. Same mike locksley from the Florida state debacle 8 years ago under similar circumstances as tonight.) he’s assembled some talent but he’s just incapable of out coaching power 5 coaches. Ferentz wins by 40 with his guys, imagine if he had our talent.

I’m glad we have this talent and won 4 games but I just don’t see where we go from here

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