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Pure Banter with Bruce Perry: Episode 1

The debut episode of Testudo Times’ newest podcast show, which features Maryland football great Bruce Perry, alongside Lila Bromberg and Matt Levine.

Welcome to the first episode Pure Banter with Bruce Perry. Testudo Times’ newest show is hosted by Bruce Perry, 2001 ACC Offensive Player of the Year for Maryland football and former Philadelphia Eagle, alongside Lila Bromberg and Matt Levine.

Each week they’ll debate and discuss a variety of topics around the world of sports, as well as important issues that influence our society and culture as a whole.

The trio is joined by Byron Mouton, who was a played a key role in Maryland men’s basketball’s National Championship run in 2002, to kick things off.

Topics discussed on this episode:

  • The plausibility of the bubble plans the NCAA is considering for the 2020-21 college basketball season
  • The latest in the NBA Playoffs, with heated debates over best performances, top players in the league and predictions for the final champion.
  • The role athletes have played in the fight against racial injustice