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ouTTakes podcast: Len Elmore

An exclusive interview with the Maryland basketball great, who’s gone on to lead quite the career off the court.

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Len Elmore - University of Maryland Getty Archives

Welcome back to ouTTakes, a podcast that’s here to discuss Maryland sports from an inside perspective. We’ll be doing the show more regularly this year to shine a different light on Terps sport figures and allow you to get to know them as people.

This time, I sat down with Maryland basketball great Len Elmore, who played under Lefty Driesell from 1971-74 before playing 10 years in the ABA and NBA. During his time as a Terp, Elmore helped the program win the 1972 NIT Tournament and establish itself as a force in the ACC.

After his playing days, Elmore fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a lawyer and being a voice for social change. He currently is a college basketball analyst and also teaches sports management full time at Columbia University.

Some highlights from the show:

  • What was it like playing under Lefty Driesell?
  • A look back at the 1974 ACC Tournament Championship with NC State
  • Elmore describes his favorite memories as a Terp
  • Was moving to the Big Ten a bad move for Maryland?
  • What was it like to be a part of the NBA/ABA merger?
  • Elmore talks about his aspirations beyond playing hoops
  • Is this the most chaotic college basketball season yet?
  • What can be expected in the 2020 NCAA Tournament?
  • Does Maryland men’s basketball still have a chance to go deep in March this season?

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