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What the opponent is saying: Temple has confidence in stopping Maryland’s offense

Defensive lineman Linwood Crump: ‘I like that they are 2-0, that they beat Syracuse.’

Cincinnati v Temple Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Ahead of No. 21 Maryland football’s first away game of the season against Temple, we decided to take a look at what the opposing side is saying about the matchup.

Here’s what the Owls had to say about the Terps.

Coach Rod Carey on the Terps’ offense: “Well their quarterback is playing at a high level right now, that’s the first thing that popped out. It’s also the most obvious thing. But then they have really good skill around them and their O-line is playing well, they’re just executing at a high level.”

Carey on QB Josh Jackson: “I think when you have any quarterback that can be a good decision maker — and he’s not just a good decision maker, he’s a talented, talented guy — but you combine that talent with that decision making, any time you have that at quarterback, defenses are on their heels. And so that’s certainly what you’ve seen the first two weeks on film, and like I said he’s executing on a high level.”

Carey on the Terp defense: “Well, they’re playing aggressive defense.They’re really disruptive. They have a lot of speed and they have really good edge pressure. Their schemes allow them to really pin their ears back and come a lot in the passing game and in the run game they’re really swarm to the football. Obviously, I think they’ve given up a total of 20 points in two games. I think that’s the number. They’re doing a lot of good things on defense.”

Quarterback Anthony Russo on this year’s Temple team (from Owls Daily): “We’re super-exciting. Since I’ve been here, we’ve never had the playmakers on the outside like we do now. With a team like Maryland that’s going to play a ton of man coverage, we can’t ask for anything more.”

Russo on the Owl defense (from Temple Update): “We got all the confidence in the world with our defense. They’ve never played a defense like ours, we’ve never played a defense like theirs, so we’ve got confidence in our guys going out there to stop the run, stop the pass, and hold them to less points then they’ve scored in the past weeks.”

Defensive lineman Quincy Roche on Maryland’s 2-0 start (from Owls Daily): “They’ve got something great going on right now, but we’re doing a great job too, so it should make for a competitive game. Last year they came out and beat Texas before they played us, so there is a similarity.”

Defensive back Linwood Crump (from the Philadelphia Inquirer): “We are matching up the same way [as last year], but this time they are coming in ranked, so it is a different aspect. ... I like that they are 2-0, that they beat Syracuse.”