Naming my All-Time Maryland Women's Lacrosse Team(s)

I know this is a post of limited interest but that's how I started back in the days of FHFan writing posts niche interest posts. This isn't an indication that I'm returning. Testudo Times has a staff of capable young writers to keep those of us who are interested quite thoroughly informed across the spectrum of Maryland athletics.

This post is about an exercise I try periodically at the end of the women's lacrosse season when I try to build my all time Maryland women's lacrosse team. In the past, it's always involved some hard choices along the lines of if I include this player I have to leave that one off and that omission seems utterly crazy.

I couldn't cut down my list this year. So here I go. I'm going to list my top six attackers, my top eight midfielders, my top eight defenders and my top two goalies. I think these players are so great that I'd be willing to let anyone go through the list and build their team (3 attack, 4 mid, 4 defense, 1 goalie). I'll take the remaining twelve and we'd have one hell of a game. I will give you each group's collective All-American and national awards. Players are listed alphabetically by playing surname.

Attack (15 All-American, 2 National Offensive Player of the Year, 2 Honda Awards 1 Tewaaraton Award)

Jen Adams

Alex Aust

Brooke Griffin

Sarah Mollison

Caroline Steele

Megan Whittle

Midfield (26 All-American, 1 National OPotY , 1 National DPotY, 10 National MPotY, 5 Honda Awards, 7 Tewaaraton Awards)

Kelly Amonte

Kelly Coppedge

Taylor Cummings

Kari Ellen Johnson

Kelly Kasper

Caitlyn McFadden

Katie Schwarzmann

Zoe Stukenberg

Defense (21 All-American, 7 National Defensive Player of the Year)*

Julia Braig

Megan Douty

Nadine Hadnagy

Courtney Martinez

Alice Mercer

Tonia Porras

Iliana Sanza

Karissa Taylor

Goalie (6 All-American, 2 National Goalie of the Year, 1 Tewaaraton)*

Alex Kahoe

Megan Taylor

There you have it. Make your picks. Share your thoughts. Would you knock out any of my midfielders for say Jen Giles or Dana Dobbie? Could Quinn Carney slide into a spot? The list is limited to 24 so anyone you add means you have to remove someone at that position.

* Certain 2019 post season awards haven't been announced as I write this so totals could increase.

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