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Testudo Times Podcast: Feast Week in Orlando

We discuss what can be expected from the Terps in the Orlando Invitational and Daytona Beach Invitational, as well as a special fun topic.

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Hakim Hart, Eric Ayala, Aaron Wiggins, Maryland men’s basketball Sarah Sopher / Testudo Times

It’s the 177th episode of the Testudo Times Podcast and both Terps’ basketball teams are heading south to play in Thanksgiving tournaments.

No. 5 Maryland men’s basketball improved to 5-0 with a win over George Mason Friday night. No. 9 Maryland women’s basketball has won three straight following its loss to South Carolina. They have cruised to victory in those three games, but stayed put at the number nine spot in the AP Poll.

Lila Bromberg and I talk about the performances of both basketball teams in last week’s games. We then preview the Orlando Invitational in which the men’s basketball team will be playing in.

We have a fun segment where we discuss which superhero matches up with each Maryland men’s basketball player. We also discuss the Daytona Invitational in which the women’s basketball team will play in.

Here we discuss:

  • Who/what stood out for Maryland men’s basketball in the last week?
  • Which superheroes match with each Maryland men’s basketball player?
  • Will Temple at 4-0 test Maryland?
  • What other teams are of note in the Orlando Invitational?
  • With another Michigan State, is Maryland the best team in the Big Ten?
  • Who/what stood out for Maryland women’s basketball in the last week?
  • How will women's basketball fare in the Daytona Invitational?

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