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Twin sisters Hannah and Hope Lewandowski are each making their mark on Maryland athletics

This Cleveland duo maintains a special relationship in College Park.

@h.lewandoski / Instagram

If you think you’re seeing double around the University of Maryland campus, it’s probably just the Lewandoski sisters.

The junior twins — Hope and Hannah — are inseparable and seem to have a bond only imaginable in the movies. Their story stretches far beyond Hope’s soccer and Hannah’s videography. It’s about family, fun and good old-fashioned Cleveland-born grit.

Although both Lewandoski sisters are now Terrapins, Hope arrived at Maryland first. She came a semester early and immediately began her soccer career, making that her main focus.

“My freshman year, I was like ‘I’m a soccer player and that’s about it,’” Hope said. “Now that I’m getting older, I’m getting involved a lot more.”

Hannah, on the other hand, took a different path to College Park. After spending her freshman year at Fordham University, she transferred to Maryland to reunite with her other half.

“I really wanted Hannah to go to Maryland because I wanted us to be together our last four years of college,” Hope said. “After we graduate, we’re going to be apart for the rest of our lives.”

Together again, the Lewandoski sisters both contribute to Maryland athletics in their own ways, Hope on the field and Hannah behind the camera. Hannah has touched on various sports on campus with her video work, but always finds her way back to Ludwig Field to support her sister.

“I feel like we’re equally each other’s biggest fans,” Hannah said. “I’m obsessed with her on the field and she’s obsessed with my work.”

Hope has made the most of her opportunities on the field for the Terrapins in her three years on the team. This season, she’s posted two game-winning goals, including one in double-overtime.

Her success didn’t just come out of nowhere, though. It came from countless hours of tireless work and determination. She says she hasn’t been handed a lot in her career, and she’s had to overcome a lot physically in recent months.

“She had knee surgery in July and here she is battling all season long,” head coach Ray Leone said. “It bodes well how tough she is mentally, but also how tough she is physically.”

Off the field, Hannah has also made her mark on the university. She regularly works for the football team, among other sports, creating content that are spread through the entire Terrapin fanbase. Hannah, who was once referred to as the soccer player’s sister, is now making a name for herself.

“My first month of campus so many people came up to me saying, ‘Hey Hope!’” Hannah said. “Now more people know me than they know her. I’m stealing all of her fame.”

Obviously, the sisters are also roommates because why wouldn't they be? A reminder of home lives beside each of them everyday as they now live hundreds of miles away from their hometown, Newbury, Ohio.

“A huge part of my home is here with me,” Hope said. “I’m around her all the time.”

Those back home are and always will be a big part of life to the Lewandoskis. “Family first,” Hannah said as soon as the question was asked about the importance of family. Home, though, is more than the people there, but also the place where they come from and the place they became who they are today.

“Cleveland is just different,” Hannah said about the city’s connection to their lives. “The mentality of getting down and gritty and staying loyal and competitive. Eventually it’s going to pay off.”

As they near the end of the fall semester, the Lewandoski sisters look toward the future. Although they may not stay side-by-side forever, they’ll try to have as much fun as possible with the time they have left.

“Our three goals for this semester,” the twins said in unison. “Are Maryland domination, cash out and only cry once every two weeks.”