What is the UMD fanbase favorite NFL team?

I grew up in the DC area, about 45 minutes from College Park. Growing up in this area (and then moving waaaaaay far away, as I have) means you understand that the DC-Baltimore area has a very divided NFL fanbase. I understand that a lot of kids have parents from other parts of the country, but these same kids often gravitate towards the Wizards, Capitals, Nats/O's, I don't get it.

Regardless I've long wondered who Terp fans root for, I'm sure most will be Redskins or Ravens fans, but I also expect to see a far amount of Steelers, Eagles, Giants, and Jets. Me personally, I've been a Redskins fan my whole life and intend to continue the struggle until the day I die.

I'm 25 words short till I can post this so...the Caps are doing pretty good huh? I think they'll win this series in six and lose to the pens in six. Good now I'm over the limit. GO VOTE!!!!

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