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Kevin Anderson is officially out as Maryland’s Athletic Director

The “sabbatical” is over. This time it’s for real.

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Kevin Anderson is officially done as Maryland’s athletic director, the university announced Friday. In his stead, the school announced that executive athletic director Damon Evans will retain his interim role while the school searches for a permanent replacement.

This concludes a tumultuous six months in Anderson’s career. Last October, reports surfaced that university president Wallace Loh had already fired Anderson; the school quickly denied those reports. For the next three days, the official story was he was on administrative leave, until the school announced he’d take a six-month sabbatical. Now six months are up, and Anderson is on his way out.

The school announced it will be moving forward with the search for a new AD, and look to move quickly through the process while looking for the best candidate for the job. Evans has been helming the job in Anderson’s stead during the sabbatical, and will continue to during the search.

Loh expressed the wish to look around, so Evans seems unlikely to helm the position for good, although a university spokesman said he is expected to be a candidate. He’s had six months to build deeper relationships with donors and has been a constant figure at Maryland games since.

Time will tell who becomes the next AD. For now, it’s a slight relief to just not to be under the cloud of Anderson’s “sabbatical.”