An ode to Mr. Kenny Bennett


For your consideration.

The image above has brought the Maryland football program national attention, with almost every media outlet in the US showing highlights of this celebratory scene. It is a captivating highlight, introducing a new catchphrase to the college football lexicon - "Danger: Excessive Juice".

The scene shows a sideline full of joy and dancing, which makes the sign even more memorable. BUT upon further review, I think we are really missing something here. I don't think the person holding the sign is getting enough credit for making this a "national treasure".

I submit that the player holding the sign, #26 Kenny Bennett is mainly responsible for taking a catchy phrase/logo and bringing it to full glory. Yes the sign is very innovative, BUT would it have gained national attention without the stylistic dancing of Mr. Bennett? I say NO. Not to call out any of our fine young men, but look at the other players in this scene. They are doing the typical "jumping up and down" move or just standing around. I think we have seen that a million times. In fact, I am pretty sure they showed the Texas sideline doing that a couple of times.

So what I'm asking is, what if another player was just holding up the sign above their head? I don't think this meme goes anywhere. I am an old man, so I don't know if Mr. Bennett was doing a popular dance move or that was just pure unadulterated freestyle. (I am fairly sure that was not the Whip, NaeNae, Dab, Moonwalk, Dougie, Sprinkler, or Typewriter.)

In any case, I would personally like to thank Mr. Bennett for bringing his excessive dancing juice to the celebration - for making this such a captivating image, that for me, will never be erased from my brain.

Also, I would like to thank the coaching staff for their foresight in not giving the sign to a player with a #57 jersey. As we know, about fifteen players on the team wear that number, and it would have been next to impossible to correctly identify and give credit to the player holding the sign.

In summary, I would like to award the 'coveted' and inaugural Bye-Week Shellmet Sticker Award to Mr. Bennett for this contributions on and off the field. Well done, young man. You are a role model and a shining example of what it means to be a student athlete.

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