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GameThread: Maryland basketball vs. Illinois

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The Terps look to pick up their first Big Ten win.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After dropping its conference opener to Purdue on Friday, Maryland men's basketball is in action on the road against Illinois tonight at 8 p.m. ET on BTN. The Terps (6-3, 0-1) are facing an Illini (6-2, 0-1) team that has also lost its last two contests, so both teams are looking to avoid a prolonged losing streak.

Illinois has five players that average at least 10 points a game, led by forward Leron Black who is averaging 14.3 points and leading the team in rebounding, as well. Illinois has a new coach in Brad Underwood, and he has a fairly experienced team on his hands. The Terps are hoping to pick up an early conference win, otherwise they would head into the new year winless in-conference. Maryland is favored, though this should be another close contest. Watch with us, and this is your space to share your analysis, observations and anything else that comes to mind. As always, be respectful and go Terps.