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What’s next for Maryland athletics with Kevin Anderson gone?

Administrative shakeups, basketball commitments and a football game, all in one podcast.

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It’s the 94th episode of the Testudo Times Podcast, and that was a bizarre and weird weekend for Maryland athletics, wasn’t it?

Thomas and Lamar joined me to recap the weird weekend with all of these wacky details:

  • Kevin Anderson is on “administrative leave” as Maryland AD. How did this happen, why did this happen when it did, and where does Maryland go from here?
  • Devon Dotson goes to Kansas, while Eric Ayala comes to College Park. How does this shape the rest of the 2018 recruiting cycle for Mark Turgeon and company?
  • On the football field, the Terps were bullied by Northwestern, and their bowl hopes seemingly went up in smoke. What has gone wrong and how can they fix it, if they can fix it at all?
  • Maryland Madness is Saturday, and that’s good, right?

Never a dull moment with Maryland athletics, is there? At least we didn’t have to talk about a fourth string QB ... yet. Enjoy the show!

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