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Here’s why Maryland football head coach DJ Durkin isn’t thinking about redshirts yet

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Fourteen true freshmen saw playing time for Maryland football in the Terps’ season-opening win over Howard.

Quarterback Tyrrell Pigrome turned the most heads, but running backs Lorenzo Harrison and Jake Funk had standout performances against Howard, too. Other freshmen who got in on the action were Terrance Davis, Wade Lees, Tino Ellis, D.J. Turner, Adam McLean, Max Bortenschlager, Brett Shepherd, Antoine Brooks, Qwuantrezz Knight, Antwaine Richardson and Elijah Daniels.

DJ Durkin spoke about this at about the 9:15 mark of his Tuesday press conference, which we have here in its entirety.

Catch DJ Durkin's weekly Maryland Terrapins press conference here;

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His response was a bit long-winded, but it’s worth processing. Here it is, in full:

Those are decisions we’ll make down the road. So many guys come in and maybe right away they’re not able to contribute on offense or defense quite yet, or they’re often on the brink, but oftentimes Week 5 or 6 you look back and you’re like ‘Now life has slowed down.’ He’s gotten accustomed to college life, to what you’re doing football-wise. Just everything slows down for him and he’ll be able to play and help you. You always kick yourself and say, ‘Well why weren’t we trying to play him early? Because he can really help us now.’ My thought is, the guys we feel can do anything to help us are gonna play. That’s why they’re here. We recruited guys to come play and help us, and obviously if they’re not ready to and they can’t, we’ll make those decisions about redshirting down the road. There are so many unforeseen things in a guy’s career, with injuries and everything else, it only makes sense to go full speed and figure out what you can do. And if there’s something you can do to help us, let’s go do it.

Cornerback RaVon Davis also played his first collegiate game, though he’s classified as a sophomore.

Freshmen who didn’t play against Howard might not see the field at all this season, but as Durkin said, any one of them could turn a corner come Week 5 or 6, so don’t rule anything out.

In other news

Things are looking good for Dion Wiley. Will he still be wearing a brace come October?

Five-star small forward Louis King visited Maryland yesterday.

You should bookmark Bill Connelly’s advanced statistical profile on Maryland. It’s a helpful resource I’ll be using all season.

Maryland released its depth chart ahead of Friday’s game against Florida International. JC Jackson isn’t on it, but a whole lot of running backs are.

Here’s our weekly outlook piece on the Terps, looking forward to FIU and backward at Howard.

The Andrew Terrell Show is back.

Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian went to Northwestern, and Matt Hinton notes that CJ Brown was more efficient than Siemian in 2014.

Amba Etta-Tawo transferred from Maryland to Syracuse, and he was the ACC’s receiver of the week.

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