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The Andrew Terrell Show is back

Kevin Hueter’s debut, Chef Ceko and more.

University of Maryland students are back on campus, and so is Maryland basketball walk-on Andrew Terrell.

He became a mini-phenomenon in the world of Maryland basketball last season after declaring himself the nation’s leader in “points per warmup,” and his fame reached its height during the NCAA Tournament. After spending almost all of the team’s games cheering from the end of the bench, towel in hand, Terrell stepped in front of the camera last year to find out whether or not Maryland had the best-looking team in the country. Here he is with another edition of the Andrew Terrell Show:

This back-to-school episode sees Terrell interviewing freshman Kevin Huerter, finally getting inside Michal Cekovsky’s kitchen and submerging himself in a hot tub while Jake Layman just kind of stares at him.

Terrell has decorated his room with his favorite and most meaningful towels from his freshman season, obviously.

Andrew Terrell Via Maryland basketball/Twitter

His towel commitment is unequaled. As the camera pans down to his bed, his sheets look a little bit ... off.

“Most people sleep with blankets,” he said. “I sleep with towels.”

Then Terrell dives into a long-overdue segment with Cekovsky, who’s been showing off his culinary talents online for years. Terrell and former Maryland guard Richaud Pack dined on what looked like some excellent chicken and rice.

via Maryland Athletics

This won’t be the last we see of the team’s most popular walk-on, though he might be running out of things to talk about.