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Maryland football DL Melvin Keihn ‘wiggled’ his way to victory over Howard

Fun on the field!

Dancing on the field happens a lot in football. There are cheerleaders and the pep band, drunk parents trying to relive their youth and the such, but rarely does a 225-pound lineman get into it. Melvin Keihn had fun some fun out there during a break in the action of his team’s 52-13 win over Howard.

“Sometimes you just gotta play loose,” said Keihn. “At some point you’re out there and injuries and stuff happens, but Coach [Durkin] said have fun and play loose and be yourself.

“And I was just being myself, just trying to have fun and have the legs wiggle a little bit.”

Sure, it was no “Running Man” or anything like that, but it did provide some well-needed entertainment after Maryland scored 35 unanswered points to open the game. He also did plenty of entertaining on the field too, as expected, including a sequence in the second quarter when he stuffed Howard’s running back on two consecutive plays and pressured Howard’s quarterback on the next. He finished with five tackles, including two for a loss, in the Terps’ first win of the season.