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Watch DJ Durkin’s postgame remarks after his first win as Maryland football’s head coach

He’s 1-0 as the Terps’ top man.

Maryland football absolutely thrashed Howard to start its season, giving DJ Durkin his first win as the team’s head coach after taking the job almost 10 months ago.

His Terrapins unleashed a dominant performance, rushing for 315 yards and six touchdowns. Here’s what Durkin had to say after the game:

DJ Durkin speaks after his first win as Maryland Terrapins head coach.

Testudo Times 貼上了 2016年9月3日

Other highlights:

  • He isn’t sure yet when cornerback JC Jackson, who missed the game with an “academic issue,” will return.
  • He emphasized again how everyone is going to play special teams
  • He praised Perry Hills, who finished the game 14-for-19 with 126 yards passing.