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GameThread: Maryland football hosts Howard in DJ Durkin's first game

Maryland starts anew on Saturday. Let's all talk about it together.

Alexander Jonesi

The Maryland football program has a clean slate.

The Terrapins are 0-0 this season. DJ Durkin has never lost a game as a college head coach. Maryland's tied with Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State atop the Big Ten East. Everything's new, and everything's at least technically possible. There are a lot of ways this could go, and that's no small part of the fun. Here's a depth chart:

Maryland starts Durkin's first season at noon on Saturday, with a visit from the FCS Howard Bison. This shouldn't be especially hard for Maryland if all goes to plan, Maryland will romp to an easy Week 1 victory and get on its way in preparation for Florida International on Friday.

We'll have live coverage from the press box at Maryland Stadium during the game, and then we'll have reporters at Gossett Team House to bring you more from afterward. Thanks, as always, for reading.

To read, watch and listen, if you want:

This is Perry Hills' last ride.

Cavon Walker changed positions twice and gained one pound 60 times to become a starting tackle.

Watcg Durkin's season-opening presser.

Enjoy today. Football's fun, and football's back.