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DJ Durkin: ‘Every week in college football is its own week’

This is the Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

Maryland football plays UCF this Saturday. Last week, UCF lost to Michigan, 51-14. If the Terps take down the Knights this week, you’ll probably use the score try to estimate what that means for Maryland’s trip to Ann Arbor in November. DJ Durkin doesn’t want you to do that.

From his weekly Tuesday press conference:

The comparisons of score, this and that, I don’t know. Every week in college football is its own week. People often try and do that and predict the outcomes, the media does a good job of that every week. You can’t just base it on those things. Every matchup is a little different and some teams just match up better to a certain team for whatever reason it is, and then every week is a little different in terms of who’s healthy, who’s focused, who’s this, who’s that.

I mean, he’s not wrong. You shouldn’t just look at the score of one game and apply it to another. But you knew that. Durkin’s comments likely stem in part from the media’s general inability to predict things. That’s fair. These comments essentially boil down to “do your research” and “don’t put too much stock into any one game,” and as fans and members of the media, we owe it to ourselves to do that.

However, sometimes you can watch film and look at advanced stats and still some teams just don’t make sense. Welcome to college football, folks.

His Tuesday press conference in full:

In other news

Maryland and Rutgers are officially playing at Yankee Stadium in 2017, with a wrestling match also part of the “Big Ten Battle in the Bronx.”

Maurice Shelton used to be a reserve lineman with academic scholarship at Maryland. Now he’s a starting lineman with a football scholarship.

Derrick Hayward has developed into a starting tight end for Maryland, by The Diamondback’s Callie Caplan.

Darnell Savage Jr. has switched from corner to safety for Maryland, and so far, so good.

Maryland wide receiver commit MJ Jarrell is working with special needs students in his spare time, by The Diamondback’s Josh Schmidt.