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What’s a successful year for Maryland football? Here’s DJ Durkin.

Good morning. It’s Thursday’s Maryland Minute, a short story, a question for you and a roundup of Terps-related news.

maryland spring practice Alexander Jonesi

At DJ Durkin’s first game-week press conference as Maryland’s head football coach on Tuesday, someone asked him what would constitute a successful season.

Let’s just print Durkin’s response in full:

"That’s a tough question. We have to go through this first year before I can look back on it. It’s coach speak, but it truly is how you have to be. We’re trying to have the best Tuesday we can possibly have. If we have a better day today than we did yesterday and then on Wednesday, we have a better day than we did on Tuesday, that, to me, is how you go through the work. We’re a young team. We’re certainly learning new schemes and all that other stuff, but no one really cares. It’s just, ‘Let’s go play.’ That’s what you’ve gotta do. Put everything aside, and no one cares how you got to where you are or what’s going on. It is what it is.

"And I really feel that we have a talented enough team to go play and play well this year. What equals that, I don’t know. I think fans and media equate more of those things to wins and losses. For us, obviously, we know the game is winning, and we’re trying to win every game we play. We’re going to measure the successes of each player individually and each unit on how we do things, specific to what we emphasize in our program."

There’s a lot there, and Durkin’s self-aware enough to acknowledge that it is coach speak. Coaches don’t put numbers on the wins they need, and that makes sense.

But we’re fans and media and, as Durkin acknowledged, prone to measuring things exactly that way. So, let’s just go ahead and pose the question.

How many wins does Maryland need for this season to be a success?*

You can vote in a poll at the bottom of this post, and definitely drop your thoughts in the comments. Let’s only consider the regular season win total.

*It’s a legitimate view that you can’t view success in a vacuum. A 5-7 season that includes a great recruiting class is more valuable than a 6-6 season that doesn’t, for instance. But just give a number that’ll have you watching Maryland football and thinking, "Hey, I’m pretty happy with this." For you, what's that number?

In other news

It's Perry Hills' last rodeo.

Durkin has spent fall camp living in a Maryland dorm, alongside his players. As someone who’s lived in Maryland dorms, I admire his willingness to get down and dirty.

Will Likely will do a little bit of everything.

Maryland made the top five, unsurprisingly, for DeMatha's Anthony McFarland. He's currently injured.

NBA rookies seem to like Jake Layman and Diamond Stone.

Some Big Ten preseason honors for Maryland golfers. Remember, Maryland has a golf team! Here’s Thomas Kendziora on how that’s going.

Former Maryland soccer player Mael Corboz is on the move.