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Watch DJ Durkin's press conference before Maryland football's opener vs. Howard

The Maryland coach holds a media availability before the Terps' opener.

It's a game week in College Park, and Maryland head football coach DJ Durkin held his first game-week press conference on Tuesday. He talked about Maryland's depth chart and the Terps' season opener against Howard on Saturday.

Durkin has been an interim head coach before, and he led Florida through a bowl preparation two seasons ago. But this is his first experience as a full-time head coach. To some degree, it's all new.

He commented on Perry Hills and Ty Johnson securing starting spots, Will Likely, Jake Funk and Tino Ellis being listed on offense and defense on the two-deep, and much more. Near the end, he commented on his reasons for leaving the depth chart fluid.

"Do to it any other way is incorrect. Kids always have to know that practice is important. This is a Tuesday. A guy could go out there and lose his job today," Durkin said. "Any time a guy knows his name is there in permanent marker his work ethic will suffer a bit. That's just human nature."