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Stefon Diggs is an outrage

Maryland fans can say they were in on the ground floor.

Former Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs never should’ve been a fifth-round NFL draft pick. Diggs was a five-star recruit when he came to Maryland in 2012, and the biggest reason he didn’t post five-star numbers in college was that he played for Maryland at the same time the Terps' quarterback play was cratering.

Diggs was excellent as a rookie with the Vikings last season. He had 52 catches in 13 games, for more than 700 yards and four touchdowns. As such, he has drawn quite a bit of preseason buzz heading into 2016. That’s, uh, gonna continue:

Stefon Diggs is a bad, bad man. He’s going to do some unspeakable things to teams’ No. 2 and 3 cornerbacks this year, who really shouldn’t be covering a player of his route-running ability. He’s got those hands, too, and he’ll just be no fun at all for coordinators or defensive backs.

Diggs’ rookie deal is for $2.5 million over four years, and he got more than $200,000 when he signed after being drafted in 2015. That’s more outrageous than he is.