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How we’ll cover this Maryland football season

Good morning. It’s the Maryland Minute, which today is a primer for our coverage of the football season and some Terps-related links.

Alexander Jonesi

So, football’s back.

This is an exciting time of year. Maryland is just a hair more than a week from its season opener against Howard, the SB Nation preview magazine is out, the grass is looking pretty green and we’re all kicking back into gear. It’s been about nine months since Maryland last played this sport, and football’s return is a relief.

For today’s Maryland Minute, we figured we’d lay out (as best we can) some of our coverage plans for this season. We’ll also ask for your feedback on what you’re interested in reading about (and watching) as the year goes on.

Some basic plans:

  • With some week-to-week variation possible, we plan to have three reporters and a photographer covering Maryland home games and attending media availabilities. That means there’ll be plenty of original reportage from Maryland Stadium. That’s some of the fun stuff we don’t get to do as often during the offseason, and it’s a relief to get back to it. I’m sure lots of outlets are feeling the same way.
  • A lot of the weekly things we do will look pretty familiar. We’ll cover just about every bit of news that comes across our radar, and the tried-and-true features like game discussion threads, previews and Q&As aren’t going anywhere. I’d like to do some more Xs-and-Os things, which we started to get into during last football season.
  • We’re aiming to dip more into live video! Seriously, let us know in the comments what kind of stories you’d like to watch as much as read. Some of this might be reporting live from games or availabilities, and some of it might come from a house, apartment or a fraternity house dorm room. (We’re proud to have staff all over the place.)
  • Twitter and Facebook will continue to be a big part of what we do. If you like what we do here and this is your kind of thing, our Facebook’s here. Twitter’s here. But we’ll aim, as ever, not to shortchange anyone who isn’t following along on those platforms.

There’s still a bit to be determined in terms of other fall beats at Maryland, and it’ll always be the case with Testudo Times that all of us have other responsibilities and work and life that can sometimes change our plans. But we’re stoked about telling the story of this Maryland season, and we’d appreciate having you along for the ride.

If there’s something you’re looking for out of our coverage this year, leave a comment, tweet us or send me an email. (You can do that by clicking on my name up top ☝️.) Thank you for being a part of what we do. Let’s keep it going.


I very much enjoyed Roman Stubbs’ Washington Post profile of Maryland defensive tackle David Shaw, whose family raises earthworms for fish bait.

Michigan is going to be maybe Maryland’s hardest game. Maybe do not let yourself get too down about it if the Terps are destroyed in Ann Arbor.

Jermaine Carter Jr. and Maryland’s linebackers should be pretty effective, right?

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