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Walt Bell is sleeping at Maryland football’s training complex during fall camp

Welcome to Wednesday’s Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

On the eve of Maryland football’s fall camp, offensive coordinator Walt Bell tweeted out this picture:

The obvious implication was that Bell would be sleeping on this bed. But how often? For how long? I talked to Bell about the bed, and other things, at Maryland football media day on Tuesday. Here’s what he said:

TT: I saw last week you tweeted a picture of your mattress in your office. Are you actually sleeping on it?

Bell: Yeah, I sleep here every night during camp, and typically Sunday, Monday, Tuesday during the year. It saves me 40 minutes. As soon as I get up, I can roll over, go downstairs, work out, come right back, bang, I’m here. Instead of having to write on a yellow notepad, if I have some idea by the nightstand or have some eureka moment — which are few and far between — but if one of those does happen, I’m right in front of my computer, we can make that change. I don’t do anything in moderation very well. This is definitely one of the most positive addictions you can have. I love this game, and it is a small price to pay to hopefully be good.

Bell provided a lot of insight into the program, but this revelation was the most entertaining. He said this pretty casually, and didn’t appear to be joking at all. Maryland fans should be happy to know their offensive coordinator is a workaholic in the truest sense of the word. This sounds like the kind of story you hear about people when they get hired for their first head coaching job. For Bell, that might not be too far into the future.

In other news

There’s a whole lotta #content from media day. We’ll be rolling out much of our own, but here’s some things from other outlets:

After eight months with the program, DJ Durkin has a “willing” group, writes Daniel Gallen.

Perry Hills still looks like Maryland’s starter, plus other media observations by Roman Stubbs, who also wrote a great piece about Bell this spring. Check it out here.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Gage Shaffer has progressed well coming into this season. What will become of him?

Also, Maryland high school football championships will be played at Navy’s home stadium in Annapolis this year instead of M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

And here’s 2017 Maryland quarterback commit Kasim Hill looking real nice while throwing some slant passes for St. John’s: