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Maryland football center Brendan Moore said he lost 13 pounds in a day of practice

Welcome to Tuesday’s Maryland Minute, a short story followed by a roundup of Terps-related news.

DJ Durkin has his players practice in the middle of the day, when the day is hottest, so his Maryland football players will be ready for their September matchups at UCF and Florida International.

This part of his coaching staff is causing some weird results. Center Brendan Moore said on BTN that he lost 13 pounds in one day of practice. That sounds alarming, but Moore was pretty calm when he said it.

Can you lose 13 pounds just from sweat? A quick Google search reveals some precedent for athletes doing this. Ronda Rousey allegedly lost 17 pounds in one day just by going in the sauna on The Ultimate Fighter. It was in the 90s just about every day last week in College Park, and players were going through rigorous training, so, I guess it’s possible?

Durkin’s Maryland team is inputting some new strategies for staying hydrated this summer, including a urine test that measures hydration levels each morning.

In other news

Here’s Terps’ defensive coordinator Andy Buh describing what he expects from his players.

Tight end Andrew Gray is on longer with the team, according to InsideMdSports.

Ohio State has the top spot in ESPN’s Big Ten power rankings. Maryland came in 12th.

Maryland could have the best secondary in the Big Ten, according to safety Josh Woods.

Olympics update: The U.S. didn’t get any golds on Monday, but is still dominating.

Students can request tickets to Maryland’s season opener against Howard starting today at 8 a.m. Get on it, kids.