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Will Likely says it’s a ‘new beginning’ for Maryland football, and it is

It’s the Maryland Minute, a short story and roundup of Terps-related news.

maryland football spring game practice
will likely
Alexander Jonesi

The Maryland football team is three practices deep into fall camp, as the Terrapins move toward their Sept. 3 opening at Maryland Stadium against Howard.

Maryland’s first media-open practice was on Wednesday, and our Thomas Kendziora filed our first football practice story of the season.

We’ve also got a buffet of remarks from head coach DJ Durkin and senior defensive back/return man/probable wide receiver Will Likely, in which they sound very hopeful.

Someone asked Likely about the mood around the camp.

"We're just ready,” he said. “We're not looking back on last year. It’s a new beginning. We're just coming out ready to play."

Pretty true! Training camp is a good time in the football year. Everyone’s 0-0, and in Maryland’s case, you’re looking at a schedule that should be enough to stake you to a 3-1 or 4-0 start. Clean slates are good, and Maryland’s is squeaky clean.

Some items from Durkin’s post-practice media scrum.

On the summer, and competition:

"Competition changes the whole room. A coach can sit there and say all he wants, but really the biggest thing that can change the room is competition. When a guy who can really play comes in the room, it raises the bar for everyone in there. If I'm a guy fighting to keep my job, I have to practice harder and play better to do it. And the guy coming in the room nows he has to compete. Those guys came here for a reason, and they want to contribute and help.”

And what he wants before Howard comes to town:

"Since we've been here, these guys have been great and have really bought in hard. We're making it hard on them, these practices are hard and physical. And that's it, I just want to see the mentality of getting better everyday. Football's one of these games where you put a lot of work in for a few number of games. So you have to embrace that and enjoy that process you go through and build a team together. So that's it, I just want to see us be better tomorrow than we were today. Keep getting every day in camp."

Nothing earth-shattering here, either. It is August. But Maryland seems pretty chipper, and we’re just more than three weeks from kickoff. Should be fun.

In other news

Wes Brown’s indefinite suspension turns out to be for the year’s first three games.

Go Terps. The Rams cut Deon Long because he had a woman in his room.

I think Maryland’s receivers are going to be at least marginally more productive this year. And I think liftoff is coming soon enough for Maryland’s offensive line.

More on J.C. Jackson, from The Washington Post’s Roman Stubbs.

Maryland strength coach Rick Court is serious, by The Baltimore Sun’s Daniel Gallen.

Testudo, the mascot after whom we’re named, is running for president.