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Warriors reportedly sign Maryland basketball's Robert Carter Jr. after NBA Draft

This is potentially very fun, isn't it?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Carter Jr. didn't get picked in the NBA Draft, but he hasn't taken long to find a home.'s Chris B. Haynes reports Carter is signing up with the Golden State Warriors, who put together a strong regular season last year but narrowly missed out on winning their sport's championship and, as such, will be largely forgotten about when the history books are ultimately written.

Now the Warriors are getting Carter, which means they'll finally have a versatile power forward who can shoot and played in college at a Big Ten school. Good for them!

Carter seems, at first glance, like a terrific fit for Golden State. He can run the floor and play as a small-ball center, and he can walk out to the three-point line and do damage from there. He can set picks for Steph Curry or whoever and then curl open for jump-shots, or he can park himself in the post and hold his own.

Golden State fans are probably still quite sad about LeBron James' brutalization of their franchise over the past two weeks. But now they have Carter on a no-risk contract, which is like the fourth win they couldn't get against Cleveland.