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Can Maryland men's and women's lacrosse pull off a sweep?

Maryland lacrosse and more in this week's Roundtable.

Top-seeded Maryland men's and women's lacrosse head to the Final Four this week
Top-seeded Maryland men's and women's lacrosse head to the Final Four this week
Sammi Silber/Testudo Times

Testudo Times Roundtable

Week of 5/23

Q: Maryland men's and women's lacrosse head to Philly and Chester for their respective Final Fours. Will Maryland  become the first school since Princeton in 1994 to sweep the national championships in men's and women's lacrosse? Why or why not?

Todd: I've written this repeatedly elsewhere that in a best two of three series, I think both Maryland teams win the title. A single-elimination game is a crap shoot. If both teams play their best games, none of the other teams are capable of beating them. However, if either is a bit off and the opponent is at their best, a loss is possible. I will be in Chester and Philadelphia to watch the games. I hope I'll come back to Wheaton having seen the Terps duplicate that 1994 sweep.

Justin: Both teams have a great chance, but at this point anything can happen. If both teams play like they have all season, they will come back to College Park with a trophy. If not, who knows what will happen.

Brian B: Predicting that the men's lacrosse team will win it all is like predicting the Washington Capitals will win the Stanley Cup, I just cannot bring myself to do it. There is no reasoning behind it other than my crippling pessimism. On the more optimistic side of things, it would surprise me immensely if the women were unable to take care of business.

Noah: Brian isn't wrong to be pessimistic considering that the men haven't won in 41 years. I believe that the Terps will sweep and here is why: These games come down to execution; who can execute their gameplan and do the little things well. The men's and women's teams have been incredibly consistent in their preparation and execution this season. They are both balanced teams with great depth. They are built for this time of year. The Terrapins will have to battle for a full 60 minutes to get wins, but I think they both have what it takes to bring home the hardware.

Q: What was your initial reaction when you found out that Maryland would be playing Pitt in next year's Big Ten/ACC Challenge?

Todd: Woo hoo! A chance to improve the all-time record against our old ACC rival to 6-4.

Justin: I was happy we got a home game, and that it's against a decent team.

Brian B: Indifference. It is not an amazing match-up, but not drawing Duke (like many fans may have wanted) could be a blessing in disguise, as they would certainly mop the floor with us.

Noah: My initial reaction is that it wasn't a very exciting matchup. Certainly a winnable game, though.

Q: Maryland baseball most likely needs to win the Big Ten Tournament in order to make the NCAA Tournament field. On a scale of 1-10, what is your level of confidence that the Terps can win the Big Ten Tournament?

Todd: More than 4 less than 6.5. The optimist on one shoulder says that Maryland's starting pitching can be so good it could carry the Terps to this tournament championship. The pessimist on the other whispers that the bullpen and fielding problems could cut the run short. The realist opines that the Terps are not consistent enough to string together enough quality play to win the requisite number of games.

Justin: 3. The Terps have played well at times this season, but haven't done it consistently enough to make me think they can win at least four games over the next five days. It's possible, but unlikely.

Brian B: 4. Last year Maryland finished the regular season losing 7 of 11 games, but then still made a pretty strong push in the Big Ten tournament. Perhaps the potential of two more losses ending the Terps season will push the team to finally play up to their potential.

Noah: Mike Shawaryn's 16-strikeout game to lead Maryland past Indiana in the first game was astounding and beautiful to behold. However, the Terps still face a steep uphill climb. My confidence level is a four out of 10.