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Maryland basketball PF Robert Carter Jr. 'ready to come here right away' after Denver Nuggets NBA workout

Good morning! It's the Maryland Minute for Monday, May 22.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Maryland basketball forward Robert Carter Jr. worked out at the end of last week with the Denver Nuggets, his fourth individual team workout ahead of next month's NBA Draft. Carter has also worked out with the Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks, and he had a well-reviewed showing at the NBA Draft Combine earlier this month.

Carter announced in April that he'd forego his last year of eligibility at Maryland. A big part of that: Carter, a Georgia Tech transfer, has already spent four years in major college basketball. His game is probably about as rounded out as it's going to get on the college level, and he sounds awfully ready to get started in the NBA:

From Carter's post-workout availability, via the Nuggets' official site:

What's your focus going from team-to-team, or do you have one mindset going in knowing what you got and what you can show?

My Mom said, "I know you want to impress these teams and different things like that" but I feel like if I come in and focus on what I need to get better because they know what you got before you come in here and they know what you are good at and where your weaknesses are at, so I just come in here and focus on my weaknesses and just improve my strengths. My shooting ability, my ability to be versatile, score the ball and my deficiency is I'm a smaller guard. So I really want to focus on that. I feel like if I do that somebody is going to draft me and I'll be ready to help my team.

Hypothetically you get drafted, your name gets called on the Nuggets how do you see yourself fitting in with the team that they got here right now?

I could definitely fit in, I mean, the NBA game is changing you've got a lot of versatile guys on the floor. I just feel like I'm one of those rustic guys that can play multiple positions and be able to do multiple things for teams. I'd be ready to come here right away, I was just talking to the strength guy and I told him if they draft me I'll be here ASAP trying to get in to the weight room and continue cutting this body fat down and doing whatever to help this organization win.

Carter has mostly been on the outside looking in at full-draft mock projections, but he's seemed to have a really good spring so far. With a push over the next month, he could find his name called in New York on June 23.

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