WCAC Final

Anthony Cowan and St John's squared off against Markelle Fultz, DJ Harvey and DeMatha and beat them down pretty handily. I haven't seen a box score yet but the Washington Post has a write up below. Cowan led the game with 21 points.

Link to Story

I was at the game and there were a couple things evident. One, Cowan was easily the best player on the floor on the night. Harvey has nice length and athleticism but didn't really do a lot with it (outside of a nice block against the backboard in the first minute). Fultz also struggled to create his own shot and the DeMatha offense did him no favors. But Cowan could drive and kick at will. He had a couple circus layups and some deep 3's (he shot 4 3's from about 25 ft), and must have had 6 assists or more. Two, despite being shorter at nearly every position, St John's was just a better team. They got open 3 after open 3, in part because of Cowan's penetration and passing but also just through crisper execution. DeMatha couldn't keep up.

That was my take at least, happy to hear other people's accounts.

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