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Maryland men's basketball sets new school record for consecutive home wins

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In this week's Roundtable, Testudo Times staff writers and contributors talk men and women's basketball, spring sports and the Super Bowl.

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Testudo Times Roundtable

Week of 2/8

Q: Maryland men's basketball set a new school record with their 27th consecutive home win after beating Bowie State, 93-62. Is this something or nothing?

Todd: It's Bowie State. Nothing. It shouldn't even count.

Andrew K.: It will be something if the Terps win on Saturday. Yesterday's game was a glorified scrimmage.

Brian B: The Terps took to the hardwood Tuesday evening sporting an attitude of  unrelentless intensity, with an overwhelming desire not to lose. They knew the competition was fierce and the odds favored the opposition, but don't ever talk to head coach Mark Turgeon about the odds! The raucous sellout crowd at the Xfinity Center provided the atmosphere this Maryland squad needed to snatch victory from the clutches of defeat. In all seriousness though, this individual game meant absolutely nothing, but the twenty six games leading up to it were certainly a lot of somethings, it is just unfortunate we had to break the record at the expense of the lowly Bulldogs.

Noah: I love Brian B.'s Han Solo reference. I think anytime that you can set a new school record, it means something. I don't particularly care who they set the record against. The fact that this team had a part in accomplishing something that has never been done before in Maryland men's basketball history is worthy of recognition.

Q: No. 5 Maryland women's basketball turned the ball over 23 times and lost by eight on the road to No. 7 Ohio State. It's the second time this season that Maryland has lost to Buckeyes. Who does this game tell you more about: Maryland or Ohio State?

Todd: I really think a bit of both. Ohio State is an outstanding team and after that early season win, they were confident they could beat the Terps. Having to reschedule the game against a very good and very physical Michigan State team did the Terps no favors coming into this contest. And, as I remarked in several comments, Maryland looked like a physically and mentally tired team.

Brian B: I would say Maryland...or maybe Ohio State. I admittedly do not watch as many women's games as I do men's games, but I did catch a good portion of this match-up. I have to say at times during this game the women started to remind me of the men and their struggles. Turning the ball over 23 times in a 40 minute basketball game should throw up some red flags, and the struggles of Walker-Kimbrough were a little unexpected. Perhaps this says something about OSU's defense. That being said winning on the road against the No. 7 team in the country is never something that is going to come easy, I'd say the Terps are still in pretty good shape going forward.

Noah: This game told me more about Maryland. The Terps have turned the ball over at least 20 times in both games against Ohio State and their game against UConn. The Terrapins are not giving themselves the best chance to win against their best opponents. If this pattern holds, Maryland will have a very hard time making it to their third straight Final Four.

Q: Spring sports start up in earnest this weekend. Women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse and baseball should all be in the mix for titles this year. How many Big Ten titles do you think Maryland will win in the spring?

Todd: My heart says I should say three but intestinal microbiome says go with two. So I'll say some combination of women's lacrosse and either men's lacrosse or baseball.

Andrew K.: I'll go with two to play it safe. But if we're talking about conference tournament champions, then I'd break out the brooms for the Maryland sweep. Why? The uneven schedule in baseball means that Maryland won't face Michigan or Indiana during the regular season. One of those two teams could sneak in and grab the title. That won't happen in the B1G tournament, where Maryland's pitching depth is easily the best in the conference. Men's lacrosse is not a shoo-in to top Johns Hopkins, and I like the Terps' chances better of winning the tournament.

Brian B: I'd say the safe prediction would be that they win both Lacrosse titles. Maryland baseball has improved vastly since my time as a student in College Park, but the competition in that realm is a little bit more difficult.

Noah: I'll say that Maryland wins two Big Ten titles in the spring. The problem? I could see Maryland winning zero as well.

Q: In congratulating Vernon Davis and Darius Kilgo on the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl win, Maryland football tweeted out, "Once a Terp, always a Terp." They left out Max Garcia, who started on the offensive line as a freshman and sophomore but was among the players who transferred after Randy Edsall's first season. Should Maryland football have included and congratulated Garcia?

Todd: No. I think the intent was to focus on players who had their entire career or finished their career as Terrapins.

Andrew K.: No, for the same reason as Todd. However, I'm almost tempted to give Garcia an Edsall (not the car, but a Get-Out-Of-Jail free card).

Brian B: Speaking of Edsall...he was hired by the Lions and moments later Calvin Johnson announces his potential retirement, coincidence...maybe. However, I highly doubt Max cares that the Maryland football twitter handle forgot/decided not to give him a shout out, so I am also inclined not to care. What's this, not probing us for Wisconsin predictions?! Shame.

Noah: If you are going to say, "Once a Terp, always a Terp," Garcia should have been included. I'm not disappointed or upset that they left him out, but what harm would it have done to congratulate him?